I'm 49, happily married and the mother of two grown children. Six years ago I had to have a neck fusion. Long story short I had to take Lortab for the pain and discovered it not only got rid of the pain but gave me a more uplifted spirit. I stopped taking it with no problem but then 3 years ago I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy that was botched (the dr cut my colon and didn't know). I was released from the hospital and three days later I returned with peritonitis and sepsis. I almost died, spent two mos in the hospital and had five major surgeries. Now I can't seem to get off the meds. I went into surgical menopause as well and have no energy and experience depression without them. I need to talk more but I don't even know if someone will read this or care. My dilemma is even larger! :(