I've been on Celexa for almost a month and have poor side effects. Side effects such as memory loss, confusion, poor concentration (have add) (commonly forgetting what season I'm in or confusion of where I am in the year and then coming back to reality like "omg I can't believe I did\thought that" or forgetting what I had done 5 seconds ago or what I was going or supposed to do at work or even forgetting passed memorie and how to spell words) fatigue and weakness, loss of interest in everything, nausea and diharrea, chronic headaches. It's doing mor bad than good at this point and I'm not sure what the best bet is to do or how serious these side effects are? Iwant to feel better. I also need my concentration and memory for when I go back to school. But my anxiety and depression are horrible as well. Suggestions?? Oh also agitation and I'm very irritable at times. Will these side effects wear off? if so how long will that take?