... effective for my anxiety, typically health anxiety and fear. I previously would take xanax as needed for relief but was advised to try zoloft. I started out at 25mg for two weeks then to 50 for over 3 months. I found myself nervous and fearful most of the time with other lingering physical symptoms. I figured more zoloft would be the answer but as Ive increased the dosage, the symptoms have gotten worse, particularly with dizziness, nausea, and lasting dull headaches. I know everyone is different but just wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. I decided to go back to 50mg and probably change meds. From what I'm reading and hearing, zoloft probably isn't the right pill for me, and more so for treating OCD, depression, PTSD, etc. Is that true? Seems like lexapro is the right way to go. Also, do I simply tell my doctor I'd like to try lexapro and he'd fill? I don't want to self-medicate but I know I don't want to continue on the zoloft and I'd like to try something else.