Ive tried numerous types of contraception, including the depo injection.. Given every 3 months/no periods... Was on this for over 2 years gave me spots all the time was very rate i had a day without a spot..but the main reason coming off this was the side effects of brittle bones in the future, Then microgynon but this made me severly low! Suicidle ... Then cerezette but again same ingredients as the depo so made me spotty, then i tried femmodette, another which was kp good for moods and felt very low, and now im on yasmin a lower form of microgynon apparently and was advised i should try these for a while... nearlly 8 months on and my skin has clearer even though only really only break out nearer times of month... Moods are so so but better because i am now working which would of contributed to stress, hair loss etc... But i am finding malting of my hair a constant issue now when it was normally when my hair was going through "the cycle" so my doctor call it... My doctor is convinced i try it longer but i just know this pill is not helping the dropping out of hairs.. So confused i am sick of trying different ones now and really have no idea as what to try next, ive seen bad reviews for the implant and coil so this has put me off.. If Anyone can help or advise i would be gratefull.. And my search continues