My doctor first prescribed me 10mg Ir, but after taking them for a month I noticed I look 2-3 tables a day Bc they weren't strong enough, I brought this concern up and we talked about going to 20mg Xrs. They last longer and help me throughout the day, but Bc my days do start early it wasn't lasting long enough. Now I'm taking 20mg XRs in the morning and, 10mg IRS ( blue tablets ). I don't like taking so many pills a day.
My friend also had the same problem, she brought situation up to her doctor and she was proscribed 20mg IRs.

I've been dealing with ADHD since I've been a child, and when I was in my freshman year of college I decided to take action. I want to try the 20mg Irs. But I'm I wrong for thinking that I'm taking to many pills? I always believe that one tablet a day should be able to work, not 20mg XR in the morning and (1-2mg irs) later in the afternoon. I just want to make sure I'm not hurting myself.