I have had 8-10 Spinal Surgeries, which left me with trembling hands, Xanax prescribed for me 3 mg. per day along with 20mg. of dilaudid for the pain (chronic) now, they say I am too old (68) to take those 2 meds together. They tried tapering me off this Med(Xanax). a 3 month ordeal, which I failed big time. I'm going through hellish withdrawal @ 0.5 mg a day . My ? is a person is taking this med 4 20 years, Why did they ever give it to me in the 1st place? My BP has went as high as 202/102/38 the lowest pulse38 It was 130/70/ pulse 55, on a overall average 190/ 55 pulse 55, I'm a native Floridian, They have changed the Laws so much in Fl., Which is the lesser of 2 evils? Xanax or BP out of control That is the readings I get. Thank You.