... responses?

Have never been on antidepressants, but decided after my mood changes and irritability. Also sometimes if I'm having a mood change I cannot concentrate what so ever on my school work, and then I begin to overlook stupid details at work..

Anyway for the longest time my friend has been giving me adderall 10mg, and I would take a little piece of that on some days when I knew It would be a bad day. Only once during a day, and not everyday. When I would take about half, I became happier? and I had an appetite. Sometimes, It made me sleepy..

So my Dr. prescribed me wellbutrin, and within a week I think I've been feeling something, but I'm not sure. I've been a lot hungrier *without medicine maybe I'd get hungry once a day*.. One day before a stressful exam I found myself studying without anxiety and I could focus a little.

Antidepressants usually take 6 weeks to work. so maybe what i'm experiencing is a placebo effect :P Could anyone tell me if this is worked for them before?

OH and Would it be okay to have a couple of drinks at night if i took my dose in the morning?

Thanks in advance!