I started a prescription of Wellbutrin SR at 1ea 100mg tablet daily and started to feel my depression lifting just a few days into the treatment. However my relief was short lived as I started getting muscle pain, and pretty severe joint pain after about 2 weeks. I tried to endure it to about 4 weeks, when I was forced to stop treatment because I had so much joint pain.
I'm questioning if it's due to the fact I had Hepatitis-C for some 25 years prior to a treatment some 12 years ago that cured the Virus.. At the time before my treatment for Hep-C I had a liver biopsy that showed I had (Stage 3 Fibrosis, Near Cirrhosis) after treatment my liver enzymes returned to normal, and have had normal enzymes ever since. Again that was some 12 years ago, but ever since I noticed there are two medications I can not seem to tolerate. One is any type of Antacid like Prevacid, Prolosec or any type medication in it's class. And also now the same side effect on Wellbutrin. I also seem to have an intolerance to Alcohol more than like 1-2 drinks in an evening (Which I never do anymore), or I will feel awful the entire next day. I've never had a Liver Biopsy since (and hope not to), but still thinking that my damaged Liver can not process the Wellbutrin at even a low dose as 100mg per day.
So sorry for the long winded prerequisite to my question.
Does anyone know of a successful to medication or treatment for depression if someone has a damaged on Impaired Liver ?
I've read that Wellbutrin has been used at much smaller doses of 50mg or even 25mg per day, and would this even be effective. ?
Thank you in Advance..