I started taking this combo about 2-2 1/2 months ago. I was going through a real low and it was hard to even deal with normal everyday stuff. The kind of feelings were you don't want to to move. I felt this way years ago but through pride and ego I didn't do anything to help myself out. I just managed through it and eventually felt "normal" again. And for a good few years I felt amazing. The potential I have in school, life, love and ect., really shined. But about a year ago that dark cloud came back and it felt that all of that potential vanished and I was just a hollow vessel. However, this time I sought help, encouraged by a friend that will never know it. Anyway, I was diagnosed with possible Bi-polar 2 and I was put I on these prescriptions. It wasn't overnight but change was happening at least a little. I feel different but I'm not sure how to describe it. However, with this combo I sometimes have some severe internal monologue happening. Sometimes it can seem debilitating and I still have a hard time focusing on things I know I should do. Though, this may not sound like it but it is a vast improvement compared to how I felt before. I guess my question is how has anyone reacted to this combo and what should I expect? Also, this sharing thing is quite new to me, I guess I am also curious on what course I should take and any other steps I can take towards improvement.