I'm a 19 year old guy and I currently take Effexor 37.5 (brand name, I take generic version) 2x per day, so together 75 mg.
Most of all, I tolerate this drug pretty well and it's also the first one of all SSRIs that noticeably do something. I get this mild-indifferent feeling which is good for social anxiety and worrying less. But even though I am not depressed and anxious anymore, I miss something a bit. Maybe a bit more joyfulness and more upbeat feeling, which I try to compensate with drinking energy drinks that give this feeling at least for 2 hours. Mostly I drink coffee. They also make me more relaxed (only if I'm in a good state of mind) and a bit more upbeat even though I have built up tolerance to caffeine.

I think right now I'm feeling functional and am able to do more things and am a more chilled person, but maybe a bit more joyfulness especially when I see other mates laughing and feeling upbeat in social situations, when I'm more lethargic. If I'm pretty drunk or high on energy drinks, I actually be more upbeat and stuff like that and have slightly more motivation.
Since there is in my country no medical cannabis / marijuana, and I became depersonalized and anxious even in small amounts, that's not an option for me.

My doctor now prescribed me Wellbutrin together with Alprazolam (xanax) as needed because Wellbutrin did made anxiety worse last time I tried it for a week.
Can I take this drug? Is this drug supposed to make you more upbeat and can I take it even though I am not depressed anymore, so does it even help then???