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Im taking watson 853 (yellow) for pain ive been getting terrible headaches will they go away?

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balbanese 1 Jun 2012

Will they go away? If your meds aren't helping you (and this one doesn't work for me with headaches) you should ask your Dr for something else. I even use some OTC products, Excedrin Migraine works really well sometimes. Hope this helps.

Inactive 1 Jun 2012

Exactly what medication is Watson 853, hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine ???
Would be helpful to know. It's common to get what I call oxy headaches, doesn't make sense to me, but I treat with buffered aspirin and a nap. When I wake up, all gone. I would try that and talk to your doc if you can... docs are notoriously hard to get a hold of, so talk to his nurse, might get an answer sooner than later

Good vibes on the way...
Sweet Hippie

owenseric69 1 Jun 2012

hello every one watson 853 is norco 10/325 its what i take for my break thru pain and some times it causes me to get head aches my dr called them rebound head aches ive been taking it for over ten years and still get head aches but not as often hopes this helps and hope every one is well

Inactive 1 Jun 2012

Ok. So it's hydrocodone, still think an aspirin and a nap are called for. It's raining down here.
Thanks Owen.
The Hipster

owenseric69 1 Jun 2012

your welcome all of you all helped me alot when i first found this site ive been on a long road with alot of pain and even though its documented my condition causes pain and will eventually kill me its amazing how hard it is to find help my dr is still kinda rude at times but he has me in a good place with my pain management at the moment i just continue to kill him with kindness and that seems to work although id like to strangle some times haha every one have a great week end

tbelluchi 13 Jun 2012

I take hydro codon for my back pain, and I have noticed that with the manufacture Watson would leave me with a severe pounding headache, I can not take watson brand medication for this reason, there is a manufacture, mallinckrodt that will not give you those terrible headaches!. good luck

tbelluchi 13 Jun 2012

Walgreens carries only watson, I had to go to cvs to ask for Mallinckrodt brand and they will fill it with that brand. free discount card

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