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I am taking Viibryd 10 mg. Is there a schedule time to take this medication?

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atticabob 8 Apr 2014

Hi albertlee! Take the Viibryd at the beginning of your day, and with a meal; you need to take it with food for it to work properly. In the morning with breakfast is ideal; with lunch at the latest! I find if I take it within 8 hrs of bedtime I find it difficult to get to sleep. I work nights, so I take mine at lunchtime; it gives me 4-6 hrs before I leave work, and a few hours at home to get things done. By then its been in my system for awhile, so it doesn't cause insomnia for me. I hope this helps, & good luck with the Viibryd - it works great for me!

albertlee 8 Apr 2014

Thank you very much.

I took my first pill at 7:30 PM and I did not sleep at all. Just arrived home at 3:00PM which time I took my pill at 3:15. I go to bed about 10:30 PM-11:30 PM

4N Substances 8 Apr 2014

Hi albertlee and welcome. My friend AtticaBob is correct. Viibryd must be taken with food, not just milk. I take mine in the AM. It's important with this med not to be sloppy with your dosage. Take it on time and avoid the chance of any unpleasant side effects. Taking it late in the day is known to result in sleep disturbance or strange dreams. The half life of Viibryd is short-24 hours. I metabolize meds much faster and begin to feel I need it after about 18 hours. I hope it works well for you. Please keep us posted. For me it has been life changing.
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