also Xanax and Ambien 10 mg when needed - I was diagnosed with COPD Some years ago . Although I don't use oxygen I have been tubed once , And have never needed oxygen but do use a rescue inhaler - Sept.07/2013 My right ling collapsed it also collapsed in 1993 - I was given emergency chest tube - two days later I had a successful surgery called vats on right lung and on left lung a bioscopy all was successful and on October after 1 month in the hospital I am home without oxygen and stiches will be removed on October 24 - My Question In the hospital I was given dilaudid intervenously and then in 2 mg pill form and it took all the pain away now im home and the old pain as well as the new discomfort is not handled with the vicoden is there a reason I can not have dilaudid 2 mg .