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When taking unisom sleep gel if someone tries to wake you up will you get up?

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Factfinder411 1 Sep 2013

Yeah I take it every night I find myself going to sleep but waking every other hour

Factfinder411 1 Sep 2013

I can take seroquel or rispardal or an hypnotic sleep aid and I wake up too. I known people who were knocked out by NyQuil.

Delila 1 Sep 2013

Hi, i was interested to read your comment, i also take Seroquel & Amitriptyline and still don't sleep well. My doctor can't understand it. I have tried short courses of Zopiclone as well and it still doesn't knock me out. It's comforting (in a weird way) to know i'm not alone!

Inactive 1 Sep 2013

christopher - Unisom is an OTC sleep aid, not strong enough to knock someone out to the point of not being able to be woken. free discount card

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