there was a trace of Hydrocodone in my U/A specimen. I HAVE NEVER taken Hydrocodone and have no idea how it would have gotten into my system??? In Jan. 2nd. I went in and had x-rays done and had pneumonia, so I was on Methylprednisolone 125mg/2ML Inj... Albuterol S04 0.083% and Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg. cap. 1 3x a day..Benzonatate 100mg cap3x/day... Albuterol 4x/day... Pseudo60/Triprolidine2.5mg every 12hr.s... Guaifenesin 100 mg/5ML syrup take 10mls. every 6 hrs.then my regular meds. Ty/Codiene#3, Diazepam, Atenonol, Lispiniprol, Ambien, Paxil, could any of this interferred with the U/A??? because ON my Grandma's grave I swear that I haven't taken Hydoro's nor want to, I'm very confused..and it was just a trace???