... details. My last period came on February 12th and lasted until the 16th. The week before my period which is week 3, I took the full seven days starting from Sunday. So on February 15th I started week 1 from Sunday and I haven't stopped taking them and now its March 7th and I'll be taking my last hormone pill for week 3. So by March 12th I should be getting my period. I have never missed a pill. So I had sex on February 18th at night and I had already taken my pill earlier in the day. I used a condom and it didn't break or anything. But after the sex like the next day I was hurting down there, like soreness. So on March 5th I saw blood but it was bright and I was still hurting down there. I think I torn my periecum it looked like a small paper cut. So I'm hoping the blood came from there and not my vagina cause 1) I'm on birth control 2) used a comdom 3) I know birth control and condoms do not have 100% effectiveness. And I've been having normal discharge. I got a new pimple like always when my period is coming. And once again I know u can't ovulate when taking birth control pills... but what are the chances you do Ovulate? I'm just worried... please help me