I have decided after 1 1/2 years of taking Tramadol to taper off. I have to do this for all of the reasons others list on the forums I've read. But mostly because I feel my life is a façade, a fake and inauthentic. It has left me totally alone (in my head) and I lie and deceive when it goes against my grain. I originally took it for pain. I know pain in some form is a part of my life, and I am willing to endure it without pain meds. I have had a problem with depression all my life. I have been on several anti-dep throughout my adult life. I have reduced a dose of venaflaxine down to 75mg daily. I have read (on the forums) that Tramadol acts like an anti-dep in the brain. My question is; Should I continue to taper off the Tramadol slowly and remain on my 75 mg venaflaxine the whole time? My experience with doctors is that finding one who even knows the slightest bit of info about this is next to impossible! I get T on the internet. The advice I've seen that I should have a doctor involved in my tapering off this drug seems naiive and overly simplistic. It just doesn't work that well, as I've done some inquiring of my docs. I am on my own, and I want to do this effectively and safely. Any experienced advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance