... complaining of upper back pain that was relentless (still do no have a diagnosis) and she prescribed this stuff without any hesitation. I had no idea what I was getting myself into--I trusted she knew what was best. I had never taken any drug like this, but found it to work and I was happy to be rid if f the pain and continue doing the things in life I enjoyed. I tried stopping it here and there and found my back pain to be worse than ever, so continued with it. Fast forward to about 9 days ago. My family was on a cruise, we were in St. Kitts and I had my beach bag with my prescription in it sitting up on the beach and someone took it :(. I didn't have time to find a police station and make a report because ship was soon to leave, so I just told one of the crew who we showed our passport to when entering ship. Just wanted to try to document it, because I knew my Dr. Would not refill without that. Again, fast forward... Royal Caribbean did not document it saying it was a St.Kitts matter. So I have had to rapid withdrawal and am miserable!!! What do would like to know is, I am having intense weakness and I think depression is starting to take hold. And this is day 9. I thought I was getting better a couple of days ago, as I hadn't noticed any depression and body wasn't feeling as bad as now. Will this go away??? I can probably live with the pain, but not this horrid horrid weak feeling :(. Any advice would be so appreciated.