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Is taking tramadol 400mg a day the same as mst continus?

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balbanese 13 Jan 2015

No, not at all. That's a very high dose of that stuff you're taking, close to the ceiling dosage.

Delila 13 Jan 2015

Hi, do you mean ms contin? If so, this is a morphine based analgesic, an opiate/narcotic. Tramadol is 'narcotic like', a synthetic opiate, so there are differences

kaismama 13 Jan 2015

The biggest difference in my mind is the amount of pain relief. Tramadol is for moderate pain. Morphine is for moderate to severe pain.

lezzy444 14 Jan 2015

I have taken both, separately and together. Tramadol doesn't get all the pain, but tames it somewhat. You are almost at max dose, so if it isn't helping you, you might consider gabapentin alone or with the tramadol.
Mscontin is a narcotic and if you take enough you will not feel much pain. I didn't like taking it because I don't like the idea of taking narcotics. Also it has side effects that are troublesome. I wouldn't recommend it.

life without 3 May 2015

Please be careful using tramadol we lost our nephew last week from hammering tramadol due to back pain and depression if only he knew what the outcome would be.My advice is stick to the stated dosage don't drink alcohol and don't mix drugs .we are all devasted by our loss and if I can help one person then i will be glad.

Delila 4 May 2015

Hi, i'm so sorry to hear your sad news. Thank you for sharing your experience. Sending my love to you and your family at this terribly tough time

life without 4 May 2015

Thank you! I hope my comment stops just one person over using medicine xx free discount card

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