(Warning: TMI) At 25mg I felt fine - except I still had migraines. After two days of 50 mg I began having terrible gas and bloating, and my appetite decreased unless I exercised. Still had migraines and had to increase to 75mg and felt even worse. Still have the gas and bloating + diarrhea + constipation. I've been on it for almost 2 months and they haven't let up. I also had nosebleeds (never had had one... THANKS TOPAMAX!), nausea, and insomnia. Those were the physical side effects that have let up. Here are the other ones that have not: depression, anxiety, loss of appetite (which is not good because I was previously pretty fit, so it's all muscle because now I can't eat and if I can't eat I can't workout) confusion, distractedness... All of these side effects were either completely non-existent problems (the stomach / digestion issues, nose bleeds, insomnia, appetite) or I feel have been drastically accelerated by this medicine (the mental / personality problems). I have never been tested for or talked to anyone about depression / anxiety and I realize the distractedness could be tied to that, but I know that NONE of them were as bad before I started taking this medicine, at least not for so long at a time.

I have some problems with word recall but mostly get my words mixed up. I say things like "what kind of Kim does car drive?" And it's happened several times, just in the last couple of months. I take foreign language classes and feel like it's been harder to remember vocabulary and grammar that I learned ages ago, or I can't remember how to explain or define a question when asked. My neurologist said that sort of thing only happened to people taking doses higher than 300 or 400 mg per day. I know it effects everyone differently but I know I can't be the only one with this problem at 75mg.

I just hate feeling miserable, gross, and stupid ALL the time. At least when I had migraines I only felt miserable and mildly stupid 2-3 times a week. Has anyone else had an experience similar to this? I am not on any other meds and I am in my early 20s. Anyone had the same side effects? Did they go away after two or three months? Was there anything that worked better for you? Thanks!