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I am taking Topamax and Celebrex and have a bad head cold. Can I take any cold meds?

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HeadStarter 28 Feb 2013

Hello emilylarson and welcome to DC. Before you undertake anything on your own because of your current meds, you can always touch base with your doctor for his/her approval... I would make sure you are getting rest, taking a good quality vitamin C (like Ester-C) and look into taking a product called, "cold calm" by Borion. You dissolve this sublingually (under the tongue) every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours and then take 2 every hour until the symptoms subside. It is a homepathic remedy and quite effective in shortening the duration of a cold. Drink lots of water and herbal teas, too. Mucinex DM was recommended for me, at one time, as well as a good quality cough drop like "fisherman's friend", for instance.

Taking hot showers and letting the steam surround you does help with the congestion, too. Keep warm and avoid running errands, if possible to minimize your contact with other people and also just tiring yourself out. I also like to use hot compresses on my face plus gargle with very warm, salty water. That helps draw out the infection. There is no cure for the common cold but there sure are remedies out there that help one feel better. I am also a big promoter of good, old-fashion home-made chicken soup. My husband and I have been eating that throughout the winter. Nothing beats it... it is easy to make and quite comforting on those cold days and nights.

Be well and do take good care of you. I hope you start to feeling better with each passing day.

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