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I have been taking tegretol for trigeminal nuralgia and have low sodium . Is this normal?

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adunlea 3 May 2013

Good question as I can't seem to come off the Tegretol (dose is finally down to 300/mg/day). I will be interested to hear the answers you receive, and also to find out how you knew you had low sodium? Blood tests? I do know that my liver function is slightly down, but as the Tegretol seems to be working at the moment, I have to see that as an acceptable risk.

missy68 19 Jul 2014

I also take tegretol (carbomazipine 300 mg x 3 times aday) for trigental neuralgia & I can't stop or won't stop because it helps stop the pain. My sodium level ranges from 121 - 129. My labs also say my tegretol level is low . Started taking samsca 15 mg every other day to try & bring up my sodium but not sure what's all going on . free discount card

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