13 years ago I uterine cancer and had a total hysterectomy. (Uterus, ovaries etc) No chemo or radiation... I was told it was 'very early' and no further treatment needed..
Last year I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Stage 1, Grade 111/111, Ki57 ... VERY Aggressive. I had a lumpectomy followed by 4 chemo treatments (TC) and then 20 radiation treatments.
Now the oncologist wants me to go on Tamoxifen.
I had heard if you have had endometrial cancer you should not use Tamoxifen. My oncologist said since I had had a total hysterectomy that it was not an issue and I should go ahead with the Tamoxifen.
I thought you could still get Endometrial Cancer on the walls of the uterine cavity even if the uterus has been removed.
Any comments? I'm in a quandary. :)