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Taking soma, doctor prescribed baclofen. Has anyone taken both of these together and had success?

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tonyplake 24 Apr 2015

Yes, Lalaoops,
I have taken both and now only take Baclofen.
If you mean have I taken both Soma and Baclofen together - daily - No - I think it would really be way too strong unless you stayed at home while on both of them.
I have taken two Soma at once, and it knocked me out i.e. fell asleep in a movie. I am a chronic pain patient and take Percocet for pain so it had an additive effect with the Percocet in me.
To me Soma is stronger and works better for me than Baclofen because for me it is highly addictive. I take Baclofen only now.
Soma is 350 mg. 4xday while Baclofen is 10 mg. 3xday.
Flexeril is another muscle relaxer which did nothing for me.
10-15 mg. Valium is also a very good muscle relaxer since it is a large skeletal muscle relaxant.
You can get Soma with codeine in it for a muscle relaxant with a narcotic element for pain, but I have no experience with it.
The best thing for an acute muscle pull is a trigger point injection into the muscle with a deadener and cortisone.
All the best, Tony

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Stresseddaughter 6 May 2015

I wouldn't do it unless prescribed in that exact order from you Dr. free discount card

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