I have taken ortho tri cyclen lo in the past, but have been off birth control for about 5 years. I started again in march so that I do not have to have a period (and just skip the last wk of the pills and start a new pack ) my gyn put me on sprintec and I completed a full 3 months of pills and bled for 6 straight wks. They had me double the pills daily for a week but then they didn't think it. Was safe for me to take 2 pills a day ,so I untimatley got switched to ovcon 35. I have now been on that for almost 3 months and I have spotted almost every single day. Next week when I finish this pack they want me to start safyral... But I am nervous about switching pills again. Is there anyone who is taking this pill continously ??? I'd love to know how it's working for others whom are not getting a period and have to deal with cramping and all of that other joyful stuff we all go through ;) thanks T.

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