I started my junel 21 day birth control on sept 9, after I finished taking my penicillin. I took every pill at the same time, except for a couple days I took it less than 15 min of my alarm. I had sex with a condom and it didn't break one time after taking the pills for about 8or 9 days. I finished the pack on the 29th. I had cramps and I was having clear discharge. My body felt like I was on my period with no blood for a couple days. Yesterday I had some dark blood in the morning and then it stopped later in the day. This morning around 7, I had a lot of blood but then I took the tampon out at around 2:30 and there wasn't a lot of blood on it and when I wiped there was a little bit of blood. I haven't vomited and my breast aren't sore. I'm still just a little scared because my sister said that her period stopped and started a bit when she was pregnant.