I have blood pressure of 150/ 115 and I heard how it is better to take tablets to lower BP as more harm will be caused if I don't take tablets which will help to lower it faster. Yes I stopped drinking, eating salt and doing exercises and healthy eating so its fact that tablets always harm your body than help it so I'm wondering if I'm better off not taking them, maybe I need to mix these ace ones with the salt water tablets since I got high BP I read, its been 2/3 weeks and blood pressure is the same so it means these tablets are not helping me and I need to try something else? Or just stop or need time? But changing to others can be risky I don't want to experiment, so what should I do, I read how people here are taking it for years are you not exercising etc just relying on tablets? Taking these tablets decreases my life and makes me dependent on these tablets? I'm 46 and I stress a lot, I know I need to do some yoga meditation, so if I stop using it, BP will go worse and high?