i have just started taking 50 mg of pristiq. My doc prescribed it to try and help with my feelings of tiredness, nausea and anxiety. I wake up every morning feeling the same way. Its been like this for the past 3 years and i am at my wits end. I have read about other peoples experience and to be honest its kinda freakin me out. I realize that its mostly the negative stuff that makes it to these rooms... if i feel great on the meds why would i be here looking. I was diagnosed around 5 yrs ago with GAD and was put on seraquel 100mg a day. Tried that for a year but didnt like the way i felt in am... really hard to wake up... and am pretty sure im not schizophrenic... at least that's what all the little people tell me.
I will try to list the symptoms and maybe someone could help me to understand if this is depression or not.
Tired( but cant sleep really), nauseous, irritable, anxious, forgetfulness, hard to get motivated, suicidal thoughts(just cause I cant stand feeling this way much more), have to make myself eat. Cant really think of more right now cause my brain is mush.
And just to add that the only time I feel close to normal is after smoking a few joints... which is great but I dont really want to be stoned all day every day..
Any input would be appreciated