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I am taking Pravastatin every night before bed does this mean I cant drink grapefruit juice at all?

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Rajive Goel 28 Jun 2012

It is not recommended to take grapefruit juice when you take Pravastatin or as a matter of facts any statins.

Grapefruit contains the compound bergamottin, which interacts with certain enzyme systems in the body, such as cytochrome P-450 and P-glycoprotein. These enzyme systems are responsible for breaking down statins, as well as other drugs, into more usable chemicals and transporting them in the body.

When grapefruit juice is consumed at or around the time you take your statin, the components in grapefruit prevent these enzyme systems from breaking down the drug, causing the drug to accumulate in high amounts in the body. This can be very dangerous and can cause a variety of health problems, such as liver damage or a rare condition called rhabdomyolysis (severe muscle and kidney damage).

Perhaps maintaining a gap of around 8-12 hours would be ok, however please confirm this with a doc/pharmacist.

Take care, best wishes!

kaismama 28 Jun 2012

This also includes eating grapefruit. It often interferes with the absorption of meds its not just statins either. free discount card

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