If someone takes plan b plenty of times (I know it's terrible, but any time I have doubts about the condom or I've made a bad choice, I'll take the pill - it's been 8 times the past year, same partner) do you think that the effectiveness of the pill may decrease, as my body may recognize this drug? Is it possible for the Plan B to not work as well because I've taken it plenty of times, although it is very strong? In about 2 days it will have been 6 weeks since I've taken the Plan B, & have not had my period since, although I have what feels like cramps now. I had severe cramps after taking the pill and 3 weeks ago but didn't get my period.

I realize that taking this pill as often as I have is a terrible idea for my body - and have sworn against taking it again. Now that it has been about 1.5months since getting my period, I would appreciate any comments or even about your experience / knowledge about the pill.

Thank you in advance