I have made a couple of mistakes this past year, one being unprotected sex. I had unprotected sex in December, the condom broke then we bought plan b.(had my period around the 9th of the next month) 2 months later we Had unprotected sex 2x in 1day(he pulled out both times) but just to be safe we bought plan b. (Had my period around the 16th the next month) Recently in early march we had unprotected sex again 2x a day(he pulled out but we were scared so we took plan b.(had my period around the 24th the next month) Plan b has affected my period, the last time I had my period was from the last days of March to the 1st week of april) I've taken plan b 3x over the past 6 months, I know I made a mistake we are going to get birth control, but now recently around mid April we had unprotected sex about a week before my period. While we had sex, something appeared around his penis. It seemed like vaginal discharge. It looked egg white and was very thick. That normally comes out of me in small amounts during sex. I think it came out a lot this time because we haven't had sex in so long. He pulled out in time, we thought more than likely it came out of me not him, also because nothing was coming out of him so he didn't even cum. I didn't take plan b because I didn't want to damage my body anymore. I also thought the chances were low for me of being pregnant. One week later I would have expected my period which I guess would have been over by the 5th or 6th this month. Is it possible that I'm pregnant? Is it too early to tell? Could if just be because plan b has really messed up my period? Also I have been stressing a lot lately. I think maybe I have been ovulating a little recently the past couple of days but it's very thin and not a lot & kind of sticky. I have also been feeling a little bloaty. If I do miss this month would that be normal or should I wait? Thanks for the help!