I have been taking Paxil for general anxiety/panic attacks/ depression for 10 y more on then off; tried to change it with Cipralex for last 1.5 y, but when a severe episode occurred, and I had no response from a higher dose of 15 mg (normally 10) my psy doc put me back on Paxil (Seroxat here).
Cipralex was not really working anyway, I was often mildly depressed, which did not occur so much in the previous 10 y.
No symptoms when making the switch, 3 weeks on 20 and then increased to 30, for another 3 weeks.
Felt good in the last 2-3 weeks and boom, 4 days ago symptoms returned (stress at work, switched my job this week, quite new for me, feel pressured though I have support from my colleagues).
Now spiraling down, thinking oh no, another episode just when I though it was over...
My doc said not to worry, these are reactive reactions to the new context, but then last episode, August to October, was reactive as well, just thinking of the job change.
I had relapses before, but only after for months smaller doses. Also, never in my rather long experience, an episode took 3 months to end... and begin again.
Now with all support from psychiatrist + therapist (cognitive therapy), AND with meds, anxiety and subsequent depression/ insomnia/ diarrhea etc. are back. ... Just when I needed to be really well to face the job change.
Anybody else experienced this? Any advice?
Please do not mention to me addiction and other atrocious things, they never happened to me. I need encouragement right now... Thanks a lot!