I've taken Paxil before, and it started off the same as how it is now. I just wanted to make sure that it was okay to have these feelings when first taking it or if Paxil isn't right for me.
I'm only on day one and immediately had a panic attack after taking medication (paroxetine 10mg) after I had calmed down and now just feel very sleepy and have cotton mouth. I'm not in the best environment to take anti depressants, but I figured Paxil would be what I need to get me out of the situation I'm in. Will Paxil help me to get the strength I need to get myself in a better situation? And is this feeling going to wear off. Like I said, I've taken it before. But I did have a better support system and was in a better environment. I cannot afford therapy or a psychiatrist, I'm really just tying to find the strength and positivity in myself to get out of this environment, and eventually get off of paroxetine once all I'm a bit more situated.