Pain Management doc. has me taking Methadone H C L 10mg & Methylphenid 20mg S tab Sand both every 6hr.s & since in between taking{Pain Management Doc. has me taking Fluoxetine 20mg cap nort & also Lyrica 50mg , Since Pain Management Doc. never went over with me on how should take these pills to get the Best results from them . Can someone HELP me , right now when take the Methadone h c l 10mg , also take the Methylphenid 20mg "at the Exact Same Time" my question , could i get Better Results if wait & take the Methylphenid 20mg say maybe any where from [30minutes to 1hr] after taking the Methadone h c l 10mg . Reason i'm asking these questions is because , seem to stay Sleepy All of the Time , got thinking[know that thinking is dangerous*ha ha*] BUT have tried to get answers from Pain Management Doc. & other sources BUT without any LUCK , so when finally found this web-site thought maybe Now can get some REAL answers. Taking the Lyrica 50mg , to HELP with the feeling , like someone has poured a Hot Boiling liquid down into my Spine ???
Plus the Depression med.s , been taking some of these med.s for over *15-20yr.s* , as most of U know after a while keep taking & putting up with Chronic Pain 20+ yr.s it will get to U
PLEASE , hoping / PRAYING for replies that will HELP me with these problems