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Does taking a morning after pill while on the pill render the rest of the pills void?

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kaismama 30 Oct 2013

Why did you do that? Keep taking your regular birth control pills. Most likely you should not have taken the morning after pill. The regular pills are so much more effective then the morning after pills, I think you girls think they are a magic potion or something.

Dananant 30 Oct 2013

But does it render the other pills void

kaismama 30 Oct 2013

I just told you to keep taking them, why would it render them void? It won't effect the regular pill. Why did you even take it?

DzooBaby 30 Oct 2013

No, it will not render the rest void. Just keep taking your regular pills as they come in the pack. It is rarely necessary for emergency contraception while you are taking birth control pills. Regular birth control pills are way more effective. 98-99.9%, vs emergency contraceptives at about only 80% effective.

Dananant 30 Oct 2013

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