... day I had unprotected sex. On Monday June 15th I had a gynecologist appointment where I had a small bump removed for biopsy, it was an in office procedure so I was just given some numbing shots and told to rest a few days and let it fully heal. About a week after that I had extreme pain in my jaw due to a wisdom tooth infection so I was given a prescription of amoxicillin that I took for 10 days, 3 days in I got a yeast infection which my pharmacist warned could happen which I treated with a 3 day over the counter yeast infection treatment it was the generic form of Monistat. My question is this: my period is very late now, 11 days not including the 7 days that I take an inactive pill which I normally have started my period the first day so if you take that into consideration it's about 18 days late. I have had cramping for that time and some microscopic color on my tampon one of the days the cramps have been so bad that I have been almost certain it's coming but it hasn't. I am aware that the antibiotic lessens the effectiveness of birth control so like I said I have not had sexual intercourse since June 13th because of my lucky streak of health problems! I always take my pill on time have never missed one and it's always taken within the same 15 min span every morning. I've taken multiple pregnancy tests, 6 to be exact, and not cheap ones either I've been buying first response and every single one has come back 100% negative. Is it possible to be skipping this months period due to all the stress on my body? I have bad anxiety so all the over worrying I'm sure is not helping my cause but if someone could provide me with some insight on my situation I would greatly appreciate it! Please let me know if any other background info is needed, thank you!