Ing of my tummy doing sommersaults. Dr thiught it was overmedication from levothyroxine so lowered dose twice iver 11 weeks.
Finally decided it was delayed stress anxiety. So increased the Lyrica to 200mgs daily. Aftrr a week increased it to 250mg. 100mg a.m 50mg afternoon 100mg p.m. For week. Then it wad 100mg 3 times day for few days. Once I was ok on that Dr had me do 150mg a.m & p.m.
Also got me to stop my noryriptyline @ 10mg pet week so stopped first one 2 weeks ago and second and finsl 10mg last Monday. Was only on 20mgs total for skin burning senstation ad was whst the Lyrica was prescribed for.
Sorry this is so long.
Basically I now on 150mg Lyrica twice a day since Friday night. Have to add a 50mg this afternoon.
The last 3 days I have begun feeling dixxy and me head feels strange. Now is this the Lyrica and if do how lonh does it ladt???
IR is it withdraeal from the Noryriptyline??? Since dtopping thud I have had hot flushes too since Sunday on and off

Very hard to know what is what BUT if the dizziness us Lyrica please can someone tell me how long it usually lastd.

I start a new job next week!!!