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Should I be taking Lyrica and Neurontin together?

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Meri 40 18 May 2018

Yes it's ok. I've asked the same question. Both drugs are basically for the same thing but they affect different nerves.

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cindy-59 16 Jul 2018

I took Lyrica and Cymbalta together and what a mess it put me in. The side effects doubled (at least) for me. I put on over 60 pounds and I sweat horribly even in the winter time. My hair was falling out, my eyesight kept getting worse and I experienced hearing loss. I developed an itch that almost drove me crazy. My once perfect teeth started falling out, breaking off at the gum and I have many cavities now. I was so sleepy that for months I couldn’t even get out of bed. I had no sex drive and I couldn’t have an orgasm no matter how hard my husband tried. There is more; but I think whoever is reading this gets the idea. I am now divorced and I blame it on these drugs and what they did to me. I am off Lyrica and I’m tapering slowly off Cymbalta now. I can’t wait to get these poisons (IMO) out of my body. I’m not saying that this all will happen to you; but please do all the research you can on these medications. Take care

cindy-59 16 Jul 2018

Correction: I meant to say that I put on over 80 pounds! (Not 60) free discount card

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