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Is taking a loratab bad after drinking last night?

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Inactive 22 Nov 2012

Short answer: Yes.

Take care,

LaurieShay 22 Nov 2012

As long as you are not drinking it would be ok. If you continue to drink, best to stay away from the Lortab.

happybrandee 22 Nov 2012

No... taking ONE or two lortab after drinking last night should be ok as long as you didn't drink to the point where you were totally plastered and if you only took what is prescribed. but PLEASE... do not mix the two, in other words, do not have a few drinks and decide to take the lortab to enhance your buzz or vice versa. that is dangerous ! It is ideal that you don't mix the two drugs,(AND YES ALCOHOL IS A DRUG)... BUT you should be ok for now. but in the future, don't take lortab with alcohol. I would hate to see anything happen to you because you got stupid and ended up overdosing by accident! Take care , and be careful!

mrdoolin 24 Nov 2012

No, unless you have had a problem doing it in the past of course. However, it is probably a BAD idea to take a Lortab (correct spelling) WHILE drinking! I've had terrible chronic pain for over 15 years and know a lot about the subject. Please feel free to contact me privately if you have questions which you may not want the rest of the world to see. Good Luck & Happy Thanksgiving! David

MacIntosh12 26 Nov 2012

Hi Hugi Bear, Yes, tis a bad idea. Your liver has been taxed by alcohol, and then you are adding tylenol, which is very hard on ones liver.
Don't ever drink while taking Lortab, even if it is the night before you take Lortab.
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