... before and liked it better than most) with 9 active pills still remaining in the Lo Loestrin pack. After almost two weeks of taking Sronyx, always on time, my period started. So I stopped taking the active pills because if I continue to take them on my period, my period won't stop for weeks and I am this way with every pill I have tried. Once my period ended I resumed the pack where I had left off and about a week or so later I started a new one when the active pills ran out. But now I have made it through all the active pills of the new pack and am on the third day of placebos with no sign of my period. I usually begin to show signs of my period starting (brownish discharge) towards the end of week 3 or early in the placebo pills but I'm on day 3 of the placebos and absolutely nothing. Should I be concerned that my period is late or is this normal and my cycle is just re-regulating?