My endocrinologist had me at a dose of 150, which made my TSH 4. As this was too high, she then told me to take 1.5 pills only on Sunday (225 mcg) and take 150 rest of the week.

This made my TSH go 0.7 which she did not like as well (I feel great with a lower TSH, btw). So she told me to go back to 150 every day. WHICH IS THE DOSE THAT GAVE ME A TSH of 4!! It makes sense to me whatsoever.

I asked her if instead of slamming my thyroid on Sundays, what if we upped the dose a little bit everyday instead, like go from 150 to 175? She said no, and this was her response: "you are currently on approximately 160mcg daily (150 x 7 + 75 divided by 7) so 175 daily is not an option".

Is this correct? Can the thyroid really average a dosage like that? It makes no sense to me and I've had Hashimoto's for over 10 years.