... started taking it for PTSD. When I first started it I was also taking 100mg of serequel, together I was able to sleep without nightmares. After about 4 yrs I wanted to get off of serequel because of the side effects when I missed a pill and I had read that these (like face twitching and swole tongue) can become permanent so we weaned off slowly well I am finding that the side effects that I get when I miss a dose of lamictal are the same and getting worse every year. I've read a lot about people having similar side but its always from taking it why do I get them when I don't take them (slurred speech, disorientation, blurred vision, skin feels like rice paper is on it) it is scary because once it starts it continues to get worse by the minute then I have a hard time talking and understanding and walking sideways it can take 2 days sometimes for me to feel all the way right again and I am woindering if I am ever gonna be able to get off of it?