... pregnant at 7-8 weeks. Unplanned pregnancy. I called my psychiatrist to let her know and her receptionist told me to stop taking my medication and when the doctor called me back the next day she told me she would no longer refill my prescriptions. I have two daughters that I really love and it's breaking my heart when I think about how I am with them. I have been very irritable, mean, nauseous, weak, dizzy, and always in a bad mood. I have no patience. This has been the worst pregnancy I've ever had. I don't know if it's because of withdrawal or I just shouldn't ever get pregnant again. I really need help. I want to be a good mom. My daughter is starting high school and she's afraid to ask me things because she's afraid of my response or reaction. My 7 yr olds' grades have been dropping in school because I don't have the patience, even tho I know she's still young and learning. When I try I feel like it shouldn't be so hard for her to "get it" and I get upset quickly. I've even had road rage issues that I've jumped out of my car and went up to the persons window behind me. I don't want to feel or be like this towards anyone. I don't know what can help me. I told my doctor about the problems I'm experiencing and she recommends I seek counseling. I don't think it will work that quick for me and I need help now