I have been taking 15mg of Lexapro along with 1-1.25mg of Klonopin. I take 0.5mg in AM, 8-9AM, the other two 0.25mg, I take them a various times as needed. I have been struggling with getting my anxiety totally under control and was just upped to 15mg of Lexapro 12 days ago. I have been taking 0.5mg Klonopin for 12 years and as of 5 months ago, pdoc raised it to 1-1.25mg as needed
My question is: Do I have to take the Klonopin at the same exact time everyday in order to prevent anxiety and withdraws from NOT taking it?
As I have mentioned, today is day 12 of increase to 15mg Lexapro and my anxiety seems to be higher, worries and racing thoughts as well as physical symptoms. Also, is it too early to go up to 20mg at this point? pdoc wanted me to go up to 20mg as of today and I asked him I can wait a bit longer despite being uncomfortable. Am I making the right decision?

I highly appreciate any advise.