ring me down & stopping it. he say's it can cause me to stop breathing. I do have copd , that;s broncontis with emphestama sp check. I do have panic disorder with agoraphobia really bad. I got down to 1/2 mg. twice a day & I was losing it. I had to stay with a friend 24/7 & was glued to the recliner . my question is it worth staying on it & finding a new dr. or is his concern really valid? I do take other meds because I aldo have some rare diseases found at mgh mass. general hospital. I'm a 56 y.o. male & have polymyostis * mitochondrial disease excuse my spelling . ifyou ca be of any POSITIVE feedback or info. I would be very greatful. even if you think your input esn't signifact to you it may really help me. PLEASE no negative or harsh wordsto me, that's not what I need even if you mean well. honesty & your own experience YES . catch my drift. thanks a lot I'm really suffering pretty much alone, my friend tries but doest know how to be supportive. I'm afraid of winding up in a rest home or an assisted living facility, because I could not function after 2 weeks.