Originally diagnosed with sciatica last April and had L5 S1 surgery may 1st 2013 stopped taking hydro within a few months last time and withdrawal was barely noticeable this time been taking since late march of this year and I have every single symptom it's getting pretty unbearable: Was reading online about hydrocodone withdrawal I guess the first 1-3 days are the worst tonight as of 8-10 pm will be the third full day although I've been tapering off since Friday. Most people say by day 5-6 they are better. But I have all the symptoms: runny nose leg cramps nausea depression anxiety restlessness tired easily weak no appetite diarrhea stomach cramps all over body pain headaches feelings of isolation, not caring, hostility, anger, sadness, crying for hours or minutes on end..the list goes on and on. I guess Multi vitamins help. This is so miserable!! I hate this but I can't take more or smoke MJ which helps with alot of the symptoms that will just make me have to start all over again and I'm quitting that too. Please help!!