Can anyone please, PLEASE respond to this & help me? I have both RA & OA as well as thyroid issues & Sjogren's. All RA meds prescribed thus far have resulted in bad side effects so my rheumatologist wants me to try Humira. Back in October it was discovered that I have a nodule in my right lung. Further tests ruled our cancer, & the oncologist & a pulmonologist have told me it's probably nothing, it could be a nodule caused by RA, &/or it is caused by fungus. It began as 11 mm, went down to 6.5 mm in January, & in April it was 8 mm. There is a "warning" on the Humira insert to tell your doctor if you live or have lived in the Ohio River Valley because several types of fungus are present in this area. I moved here in June of 2016 & the mysterious nodule was discovered in October. When I met with the pulmonologist, he indicated that I have asthma which is most likely environmental since I did not have it prior to moving here. My rheumatolist does not feel that my living in this area or that this nodule is worrisome & that it should be okay for me to start the Himira ... but if this nodule is fungus, & if fungus is causing the asthma, shouldn't this be a concern? I don't know what to do. I thought I would see another rheumatoligist for a second opinion but I need to wait months for an appointment. My RA is mild, in my opinion. The joints in both hands are affected although only one joint causes pain, & recently I developed pain in my right elbow. However, I apparently have a great deal of inflammation & my rheumatologist wants to get this under control before it causes further damage. Is it safe for me to start taking the Humira?