I had taken seroquel for over four years. My daily dose was 400mg per day. It did help with my bipolar depression, but also made me so lethargic that I felt like a zombie all the time! I was originally on 800mg per day so this dose 400mg was my reduced dose after I had spoken to my doctor about how tired I was all the time. The crazy part was, I stilll had severe insomnia. No matter how tired and lethargic I would get, I would even start hallucinating, I still could not sleep! MY doctor put me on ambien. That helped with the insomnia. Without the ambien there was no sleep for days and days and days a t a time.Anyway, after pretty much gaining over 45lbs on the seroquel, I insisted on changing this antipsychotic med to something else. I am very self conscious about my weight.and have always been very skinny. I run and speedwalk everyday, try to eat healthy, but the seroquel makes u feel like your stomach is a bottomless pit! You are never full. no matter what u eat!!! Anyway, My doctor suggested Halcion. I have read alot about it, and it seems to help me with my severe anxiety,panic disorder,social anxiety disorder,PTSD,
insomnia,etc.I dont know if it will help with my bipolar disorder like the seroquel did,but I also take lithium and topamx for bipolar and the topamax also prevents migraines, which I also suffer from.Does anyone have any feedback on Halcion and how it works for them?What kind of symptoms does it help with,any side effects,etc. Any feedback would be appreciated.Thanx