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Should I be taking gabapentin if I have hepititis -c?

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pickles503 24 Jan 2013

Hi. elen.

I searched for info regarding your question for a long time and this was all I could find. You probably already know this.

According to the drug monograph, Neurontin does not have any special dosing requirements for people with liver disease, or hepatitis.

What are his symptoms? That might help me do more research. It's seems I came across this frequently. I was going to pay her, but I needed to know the symptoms.


It is eliminated by the body via the kidneys. (not by the liver).

Thus it appears to be OK.

elen, what's the difference between hepatitis c? And hepatitis?

I don't know if this could help, but it's all I got.

I've prayed for you. I only have to ask God once. He hears me. Try to search his heart for how he feels and what he wants. How can you support him? Take your time, and be very discreet. It's important for him to eat because that's what will help balance his chemistry. Wait for him to open up. He probably needs to talk about it in his own time. Don't ya think? Just be there. It gives me great comfort knowing that your there.I know it comforts me when I'm sick. Does it you?

If you give me the symptoms I'll probably get more info.''

Take care.

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