I also have a history of rheumatic heart disease and nephritis (kidney disease). I was recently taken to hospital where they diagnosed psychosis? But its not yet verified WHICH PSYCHOSIS. But I've been started on fluoxétine by my family doctor based on a lab test done which reported that I have a serotonin shortage-diet based. In addition to fluoxétine I take dietary supplements: a combination tablet Vit A,C,E, with added Zink and Selenium; a Vit B complex inclu B3&B6; and a Vit E supplement that aids the more efficient absorption of oxygen and lowers cholesterol; and 2 forms of calcium=one recommended by my gynaecologist where she recently increased the strength to forte (made to order at the pharmacy) as well as D-Vital 1000/880 FORTE Calcium Vitamine D3. My general health and humeur have improved especially my strength, blood circulation in the legs and deep breathing. I have a family history of stroke. Both sets of grandparents have all died from stroke, one even complicating it with diabetes. So I would be very much interested in knowing the effect of fluoxétine (which I have just started taking 2 wks ago) on TIA, given the above health details? I am 54yrs 6mths old, female, born of Trinidad parentage= negroid, but live in Europe=Belgium. I had a hysterectomy at age 45 but they left the ovaries in. I have never had children. My weight is 51kgs. My height 162cm. Thank you.